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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to register?

You can register online by visiting

Where can I get the ASSET PAN?

On your child's ASSET Student MyBook, on the ATS invitation letter. Or you can call us at 955 8777 541 or write to us at

How much is the fees?

Test fee is INR 1800

What subjects are covered on the ATS?

English, Math and Science. All 3 are mandatory.

What are the benefits?

  • Get recognised. Special certificates and medals.

  • Special programmes for gifted students online, summer programmes, non-residential day scholar programmes and mentorship programmes

  • The ATS participants will be qualified in the following manner:
    75-84 percentile: Scholar
    85-89 percentile: Bronze Scholar
    90-94 percentile: Silver Scholar
    95-99 percentile: Gold Scholar

    Gold, Silver and Bronze Scholars are eligible for scholarships to ASSET programmes for gifted students.

How to prepare for the test?

No preparation required. Students can see sample questions by creating an account on

How will we know about the test centre and from where we can get the hall ticket?

  • The centre is assigned on the basis of your residential pincode.

  • You will get the complete address along with a google map link for the test centre on your child's hall ticket.

  • The hall ticket will be available to download from parent portal a few days before the test date.

  • You will get notified through email once the hall ticket is available.

What is the duration of each paper?

Each duration is 70 minutes followed by 10-minute breaks in between. There are 3 papers - English, Math, and Science. Total duration of the exam is 240 minutes (this includes breaks).

Will there be breaks between the tests?

Yes, there is a break of 10 minutes between each exam

At what time we should reach the test centre and when can we pick up our child?

  • The timings will be provided on the hall ticket

  • Parents are not allowed inside the test centre

  • Students are dispersed class-wise starting with the youngest i.e. class 5

  • Parents are requested to wait and not crowd near the gates of the test centre

Will the parents be allowed to meet the children during the breaks?

No, parents are not allowed to meet the child once the test starts, even during the breaks. You can meet your child only after the test is over.

Does the child need to wear the school uniform or is casual wear ok?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear the school uniform on the test date. Your child can wear any comfortable uniform - regular, sports, winter or summer doesn't matter.

What all things will a child need in the examination?

A child is required to carry below things in the examination.

  • Hall ticket

  • Any photo ID card

  • Writing materials such as pencils, sharpener, eraser etc. to do rough work

  • Snacks/food

  • Water bottle

Can my child take only one or two of the subjects and leave early?

No, a child cannot leave early as all three subjects are compulsory.

What if my child reaches late at the test centre?

A student will not be allowed to enter the test centre 15 minutes after the test has started.

Can we get refund of the registration amount if it is not possible for my child to appear for the exam?

No, the amount paid for the ATS test is non-refundable.

What if my child has some special needs?

If your child has any special needs like medical conditions or needs assistance with mobility or with reading or writing, please inform us immediately/as soon as possible by calling us at +91 955-877-7541 and we will make arrangements accordingly.

What if I wrongly entered some information and want to change my child's school, name, class, or date of birth etc?

  • Please call us at +91 955-877-7541. We will correct the information and the changes will be visible on the hall ticket.

  • The hall ticket can be downloaded a few days before the test.

How can my child prepare for the ATS test?

  • ATS test does not require preparation but:

  • Your child can prepare by practicing sample questions on

  • We will also be sharing a demo test link with you via email, so your child can get familiar with the testing interface and question types. The demo link will be emailed to you a few days before the test date.

What if I want to change my test centre?

Centre change requests shall only be considered if made more than 12 days before the exam. As ATS is a computer-based exam, any last minute centre changes cannot be accommodated