Is Your Child Academically Gifted?

Find out by enrolling your child for the Ei ASSET Talent Search (hereby referred to as Ei ATS)

Exciting Rewards

If you

register for ATS
  • Get a chance to compete with high-performing peers across the globe
  • Get a participation certificate

If you score within the

85-89 percentile
  • Earn the title of an ASSET Talent Search Bronze Scholar
  • Get a special medal as well as a certificate of participation

If you score within the

90-94 percentile
  • Earn the title of an ASSET Talent Search Silver Scholar
  • Get a special medal as well as a certificate of participation

If you score within the

95-99 percentile
  • Earn the title of an ASSET Talent Search Gold Scholar
  • Get a special medal as well as a certificate of participation

Appear For Ei ATS From The Comfort Of Your Home

  • Take the computer-based test at home
  • The test covers three core subjects - English, Mathematics & Science
  • Each subject test is conducted separately for a duration of 60 minutes
  • All three subject tests will be conducted on the same day.
  • All three subjects are mandatory for all qualifiers
  • To see some sample questions, please visit
  • No specific preparation is required for the test
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Eligibility Criteria

For International Students - Grades: 4,5,6,7 & 8

Test Dates

International: 28th to 30th April 2023 (Registrations closed for 2023)


“ It is a unique platform which helps them beat exam blues, builds confidence and allows them to test their knowledge among like-minded students. It was lovely to see how he took up all three tests without taking any pressure, enjoying and loving it and adopting to the new norm of proctor administered online tests at such a young age.” Gregory Benford Developer Shlok Banerjee,Euro School, Airoli ParentATS Topper 2020
“ The ASSET Talent Search exams is an amazing platform where I get to know my strengths and weaknesses and how I compare within my peer group. It helps me understand the areas that I need to work on further improve myself. Most importantly it helps me improve my logical thinking aptitude and approach problems in a unique way. These exams push me to think out of the box.” Gregory Benford Developer Ryan Melvin Fernandez,Vibgyor High, Horamavu, Bangalore ParentATS Topper 2021
“ATS has empowered my child to go beyond his age group in learning and has brought out a lot of hidden potential inside him.” Gregory Benford Developer Krishangh Arjun, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, T. Nagar, Chennai ParentATS Topper 2020
“ATS Questions are designed in a specific way that allows me to test my problem solving, analytical, and knowledge-based skills. Through preparation for this exam, I was able to reinforce many important concepts that also helped me at school. Participating in one of Asia's largest bench marking test helped me to understand where I stood among my peers and to get an insight into areas which needed improvement. I am grateful to the ASSET team for giving me an opportunity to benefit from this great initiative.” Gregory Benford Developer Anagha Ramaswamy,Delhi Private School, Dubai ParentATS Topper 2020
“ASSET talent examinations truly have had a remarkable and noticeable overall improvement in Rohan's study charters. He has been able to crack more complex mathematical and scientific problems than his academic level, aiding him in traversing the road less taken to achieve greater glories. Talent expansion in every child is something to be finely nurtured in order to shape their future and ATS is doing a splendid job in this regard. ASSET is a highly innovative and motivational platform for students to unleash their full potential. A big shout out and many cheers to the entire ASSET team.” Gregory Benford Developer Rohan R Bharadwaj,Sri Kumaran Children's Home - CBSE, Bangalore ParentATS Topper 2020
“Competitions such as ATS help children to think differently and better, thus bringing out the best in them. ATS enables kids to think out of the box and to develop their knowledge. This way, ATS prepares my child for a brighter future!.” Gregory Benford Developer Adeeba AbdulAzeez,GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai ParentATS Topper 2020
“ I always liked to draw but this was extremely different. I chose architecture because the other courses on the list looked like something we could learn in school. I just felt it would involve a lot of creativity so that’s why I chose it. This course has exceeded my expectations so this was the best summer ever! ” Gregory Benford Developer Saankhya Shrivatsa Participated in ASSET Summer Programme 2018PSBB Learning Leadership Academy, Bangalore Class 8
“ Our daughter enjoyed the way of teaching here a lot which is why we decided to send her for the second year. The level of learning here is extremely high, students have almost learnt all the statistical concepts taught in the first year of university! Not just our daughter but all the kids were talking so confidently about correlation coefficients, regressions and outlier sets - it was amazing! ” Gregory Benford Developer Madhavi Gupte ParentASSET Summer Programme 2018
“ Usually, in school, teachers can’t interact with us because there are a lot of kids. At ASP if I have a doubt even out of class, Prabhu sir sits with us during lunch and snacks and we can ask our questions whenever we want. It’s very easy to talk to him because it’s more like talking to a friend than to a teacher. ” Gregory Benford Developer Navya Sanskriti participated in ASSET Summer Programme 2018Sishu Griha Montessori and High School, Bengaluru, Class 7
“ When I read what my daughter wrote I was quite impressed. I always knew she thinks well and has a creative side, but she was not able to portray that on paper. But when I read her work, I was very happy because I could see the way she has evolved and the kind of confidence she has gained. There is a tremendous change in her attitude and the way she speaks as well. ” Gregory Benford Developer Reena Thakar ParentASSET Summer Programme 2018
“ I liked that there were objectives and goals set for all students so a child could work at his or her own pace, and how they were given help if required, but they were left alone to learn through peer interaction. It was also interesting to see how they discovered answers to the questions they themselves put across! That shows to students that they already have the answers, they just have to think about it. It was nice to see how students were able to connect these answers to the concepts that were taught earlier. This gave an opportunity to the child to understand how to transfer what is being taught in the classroom to the real world. As teachers, we tend to leave out what we've already taught and just focus on the day's lesson. I really like that the instructors went back to what the students learnt on day one or week one of the course. I will definitely share all these observations with my teachers. ” Gregory Benford Developer Ms Anupama Ramchandra School Leaders’ SpeakDPS Electronic City, Bengaluru


Students who have shown academic excellence in either English, Mathematics or Science are invited to participate in the Ei ATS test.

These students are then assessed on topics that are more advanced than their current grade level. By raising the bar of benchmarking by assessing the brightest students against a more challenging assessment, we are able to identify them as gifted.

The test contains questions that require students to apply their conceptual understanding. No question will ask students to memorise formulae or facts. The questions are all multiple choice - each having four options and one correct answer. You can view sample questions by registering on our

Students in middle school reflect possibilities of being multipotentialite. This means given exposure, challenges, and adequate information, they may develop new skills, interests and thrive. Students in grade 5-8 need this exposure of the three core subjects, following which one or more subject areas may become a strength for them.

Students are invited to write all three subject tests in the Ei ATS assessment because it allows more opportunities for them to discover their hidden potential. Since the questions in Ei ATS are conceptual in nature, it is possible that students perform better in a subject they previously scored poorly on.

There is no need to prepare for ATS, but students are encouraged to view sample questions at

Above-level testing (like ASSET Talent Search) are geared at challenging students to apply their knowledge to higher levels of testing. Difficulty level of test is different than student's ability to apply the concepts for the given set of problems. Above-level testing is a globally followed norm and studying a few days before ATS may not be helpful, because the test gauges what a student has really understood. It does not test their memory or their ability to recall facts.

The ASSET PAN is a unique 9-digit identification number that is given to all students who appear for ASSET, and also to students who qualify for Ei ATS. This number is required to register for all our programmes.

It can be found on your child's ASSET MyBook, and the invitation envelope you received from your child's school. You can write to us at if you require any assistance regarding the ASSET PAN.

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