Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)

Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) runs 2 and 3-week academic summer and 8-week year-long online programs for gifted and academically talented students ages 5-17. The programs combine academics with social, cultural, and recreational activities for a truly transformative experience.

SIG differs from singular program formats as students are able to choose 4 courses to study during the program, selecting from Humanities, Math and Sciences, Creative and Performing Arts, and Fitness and Recreation. Additionally the social and emotional aspects of growth receive a high priority in SIG programs through night and weekend student activities, counselor group bonding, and on and off-campus excursions. Through 32 years of experience, SIG has developed a unique opportunity that enriches and enhances students' natural talents and abilities while encouraging them to engage in individual areas of intellectual passion.

SIG Residential Programs are held at prestigious colleges and universities, including Princeton University, Yale University, and UC Berkeley. SIG is selective in its campus facilities to allow students to experience the energy and excitement of campus life, while being part of a well-staffed and well-supervised program.

Students meeting the qualifying ASSET Talent Search score requirements can apply for SIG's summer residential programs and their online programs.

“I like the diversity here - the way different students have been raised is so different...their culture and our culture and their lifestyles. Everything is so diverse here, there are people from all across the it's interesting to see what they are like?

Samay Gupta,

The Heritage School, Gurgaon about the
SIG program at Yale University

Program Details:

Duration: 3 weeks (University of Miami residential program is 2 weeks)
**Cost: Ranges from USD $2795- $5,495, plus $99 application fee
Locations: Bryn Mawr College, Emory University, Princeton, Northeastern, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Chicago, University of Miami, Yale, Richmond in London
Start Dates: Dates vary from campus to campus. Please visit to see campus wide program dates.


Grades: End of Grades 7th to 11th
ASSET Talent Search Score :
(In any one subject)
> 90th percentile – Qualified

Steps to apply to SIG's residential programs

Email for any assistance with the application.
** Program cost may vary year on year.