ASSET Summer Programme blends stimulating and innovative academic learning sessions with interactive social activities. Expert instructors who are trained to mentor gifted students, impart knowledge to students through hands-on activities to ensure students get enough opportunities to develop their talent to the highest possible potential. Debate sessions give students a platform to exchange ideas with like-minded peers whereas guest lectures help them gain a deeper perspective on subjects of interest.

Instructors at the programme use innovative teaching styles such as:

Icon of Building Prototypes

Building Prototypes
Icon of Role plays and skits

Field trips
Icon of Role plays and skits

Role plays and skits
Icon of Discussions and debates

Discussions and debates
Icon of Guest lecture from experts

Guest lectures from experts

At the ASSET Summer Programme, students:

Engage in deep learning

Acquire knowledge that enables informed career choices

Develop creative confidence

Develop self-management habits required for success in any endeavour

Become balanced multi-dimensional individuals

Courses offered at ASSET Summer Programme May 2017

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Courses offered at
ASSET Summer Programme 2016

  • Light, LEDs, Stars and All that!
  • Think like a Mathematician
  • Neuroscience- Unravelling the Brain and Behaviour
  • Understanding Life through Evolution and Genetics
  • The Essence of Engineering
  • Global Politics and Foreign Policy Analysis