ASSET Digital Learning Programme - Advance

ASSET Digital Learning Programme (ADLP) Advance is a higher-level online programme for students who are identified by us as Academically Talented through the ASSET Talent Search Test. Students securing 75 percentile and above in ATS 2020 are eligible to participate in this programme.

The courses offered are diverse in nature, ranging from Robotics, Data Science, Programming, to Forensic Science, Design thinking, and Writing amongst many others. They are specially designed by our experts to challenge the twice-exceptional students and satiate their curiosity. Students will not only learn 'what' is happening around them, but also the 'why' and 'how' of it by finding the answers themselves. We aim to develop in them, 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and situational analysis. We also help them develop a thinking attitude and gain awareness of their biases and stereotypes. ADLP (Advanced) provides them with the opportunity of peer learning with students of similar intellectual level, while building a network of inquisitive and like-minded people from across the world.

We believe that being intellectually advanced is only the starting point. Nurturing it in the right way to help them achieve, and more importantly, sustain that excellence is what we aim for.