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Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches at the programme? And how large are the classes?

We have subject experts with in-depth knowledge and understanding of each course being offered. All these experts are also experienced teachers. See the instructor profiles on our website for more information.

Each course has between 8 and 20 students. This ensures individual attention is given to every student and also gives enough opportunity for each student to share their opinions during discussions. Apart from the main instructor, each batch will also have an assistant who will help students out with any technical or course-related issues that come up.

What benefits will my child have by participating?/ How are these courses helpful?

Learning online is a completely new challenge for students. Our small batch sizes and overall programme format allow students to:

  1. Develop life skills like discipline, time management and self-regulation that are key to being successful in any field
  2. Get personal and academic development over a period of 12 days
  3. Interact face-to-face with an instructor and get their queries solved in real time
  4. Peer-learning among like-minded students by participating in discussions

My child gets distracted easily, since the course is online, how will you facilitate learning during the programme?

We understand that teaching online can come with challenges. There is proximity in terms of connectivity but without the emotional rewards of being in a social setting. Our academic team is well versed with the best ways to engage students meaningfully and these points have been heeded to while designing the programme. To prepare for the ADLP, instructors themselves have been part of online classrooms (as students) in order to empathise with their students’ needs and feelings.

We ensure small batch sizes along with two support members in each session i.e. an instructor and a technical support assistant so students can resolve their queries easily. To keep young learners engaged, the teaching involves short bursts of on-screen time with intermittent activities that need not be on screen. Our instructors are experienced and use the best practices for synchronous (i.e. live classroom) online teaching.

How is this programme different from other courses offered online?

There are only a limited number of courses offered online for middle school students. And almost all the courses offered are asynchronous courses, i.e. where the teacher shares a recorded lecture with limited real-time interaction and doubt solving for students. In the current situation, some schools have come up with synchronous (or live teaching) classrooms. However, both of these are limited to school curriculum.

The ASSET Digital Learning Programme gives students an opportunity to learn subjects and topics beyond the curriculum in a synchronous (and online) classroom from our in-house experts.