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ASSET Mentorship Programme

Grades: 6-7-8
Schedule: June 2019 onwards
Programme Type: Online

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Last date to avail the scholarship or
the early-bird benefit is 28th Feb, 2019.

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AMP FAQs - By Students

Who can participate/register in the ASSET Mentorship Programme?

Students completing grades 6 to 8 can enrol for this programme.

What are the benefits of participating in the mentorship programme?

This course will help students:

  • Understand the logical connections between various ideas and interpretive nature of knowledge, integrated approach in learning

  • Identify, construct and evaluate arguments from multiple perspectives

  • Detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning and understand the bias within

  • Solve problems systematically- Developing System Thinking for a Glocal world

  • Identify the relevance and importance of ideas for deeper learning

  • Reflect on the justification of one's own beliefs to become an aware thinker

What happens at the end of the programme? Can I continue my mentoring relationship?

Yes! You can continue your mentoring relationship through various courses as per your need.​ Each course has tangible learning outcome that will help you choose the next course of action.

What is the time commitment for mentees?

The programme is quite flexible and the time commitment depends on the student, their ability to take rigour and the course they have selected. Schedule a call with our academic team for more guidance.​

AMP FAQs - By Educators

How do I become a mentor?

If you are interested in mentoring you can send your updated resumé to our team at and our academic team will be in touch with you. You can also call us or schedule a call to speak with our academic team. Visit our Contact Us page for details.

What is the time commitment for mentors?

Mentors will be required to commit anything between 15-20 hours per week. This will include completion of specific tasks along with providing guidance to each student based on their availability, school timings, needs, deadlines and other related aspects. As a mentor, it will be your responsibility to ensure your mentees complete their tasks before their deadlines.

Are there any requirements to be a mentor?

​Yes! We would like our mentors to be individuals with empathy who can visualise needs of the next generation. They should be keen learners, readers, and experts in their chosen field.