Why ASSET Mentorship Programme?

The ASSET Mentorship Programme identifies the strengths, weaknesses and interests of students and provides them with the necessary assistance for standardised test preparation. The programme is designed to develop extracurricular and leadership skills in students and help them in connecting their career choices to universities to facilitate a coherent educational trajectory.
Under the ASSET Mentorship Programme we emphasise on helping these students discover their inherent potential by guiding them through their journey, helping them answer questions like 'How do I decode my skill sets?’, ‘What subjects will help me choose my career?’, ‘Confused where to study- India or abroad?’, and enabling them in making the right choice for their career.

Educational Initiatives

Educational Initiatives (EI) is an ed-tech company that leverages the twin levers of cutting-edge research and technology-based solutions approach to revolutionise how children engaged in the K-12 education space learn. Our vision is to create a world in which children everywhere learn with understanding. Our goal is to reach a multitude of children across different strata of society, irrespective of the kind of education they are receiving today or the curriculum they are following.


“I found the ASSET Mentorship Programme to be a remarkable idea. In our rote-based education system, some bright minds can get lost. Initiatives like ASSET provide a much-needed platform for skill identification and development. Looking forward to participating in all your endeavours.

– Anshu Sharda, Parent

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ASSET Mentorship Programme is an online programme crafted to guide aspiring students through the crucial years of academic development and help them make informed decisions about their higher education.

Grades 6-7-8-9
Duration : 28 weeks
Critical Thinking Skills For The Information Age

This course will be offered on Edmodo and will have unique assignments with several interventions and activities that are carefully planned to ensure absorption of content and sustain student interest. Students will participate in word games, debating, turncoats etc. to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills. Outcome: Students will develop the ability to clearly understand, reflect and express both simple and complex thoughts. They will become self-regulated learners.

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Critical Thinking Skills For The Information Age
Grade: 6,7,8,9
Duration: 28 weeks
Mode of delivery: On Edmodo Platform
Price: INR 29,999/-(taxes extra)
How will this course help your child?
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Recognition of biases and reflection on one’s own thought processes
  • Applying critical reasoning and argumentation to real-world problems and issues

  • Grades 7-8-9-10-11-12
    Duration : 4 months to 1 year
    Mastering Writing For University Success

    Students enrolled in this course will be guided through the process of understanding and decoding essay titles. They will be encouraged to reflect, find their voice, and emerge with strong written skills. Students will be assigned a mentor who will review their content and encourage them to broaden their perspective. Mentors will also guide students to reflect on their choice of college/university and subject interests. Outcome: Composing best possible essays that are unique to each college admission application. Understanding financial assistance and learning how to effectively apply for scholarships.

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    Mastering Writing For University Success
    Grade: 7,8,9,10,11,12
    Duration: 4 months to 1 year
    Mode of delivery: On Edmodo Platform and In-Person
    How will this course help your child?
  • Identification of areas of personal interests as well as areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learning how to research colleges and streams as well as selecting the right one for themselves.
  • Learning about different types of writing and practising essay writing for college admissions.

  • Grades 7-8-9-10-11-12
    Duration : 1 to 3 years
    College Guidance For University Success

    Mentors will interact with students through both telephone calls and face-to-face interactions (online or in-person). They will guide students to plan and build their college transcript, understand areas of academic interests through exposure to summer programmes, online courses, internships etc. They will also guide students with the college admission process.
    Outcome: Assistance with selecting and applying to Ivy League and other top colleges and universities across the globe. The final list will be based on the student’s subject or choices of study major.

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    College Guidance For University Success
    Grade: 7,8,9,10,11,12
    Duration: 1 to 3 years
    Mode of delivery: On Edmodo Platform and In-Person
    How will this course help your child?
  • Identification and selection of the right college.
  • Learning about different types of writing and essay writing for college admissions.
  • Feedback on college application essays.

  • Customised Courses


    Basis student's career choices and preferences, we are offering customised courses for respective grades.

    Grades 6-7-8

    Students at this stage have an excellent opportunity to start thinking about their future without too much pressure.

    The ASSET Mentorship Programme can help students of this age understand learning trajectories and the possible education options they have. Armed with this knowledge, students will be able to think about their strengths, weaknesses and interests under the mentor's guidance and form a basic idea of what they want to do in the future. Our mentors can also help the students hone essential skills such as critical thinking, writing, leadership, and communication. At the end of this programme, students will be able to self-reflect and will have an idea of the steps they need to take during high school to work towards the future they aspire for.

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    Grades 9-10

    At this age, students need to start thinking about the path they will take in grades 11 and 12. This will form the basis of college applications in the future.

    Under the ASSET Mentorship Programme, mentors will work with students to identify student's interests, strengths, and weaknesses and assist them in taking the first step towards college admission procedure. Based on this plan, students will receive academic guidance so that they can choose the right subjects after grade 10 and work towards their goal. Students can understand their interest areas and find what they're passionate about through "learning-by-doing" science, mathematics, economics etc.

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    Grades 11-12

    The final school years are critical stages in a student's life. From writing board exams and dealing with school pressure to applying to the right institution, there is a lot that students have to deal with.

    The ASSET Mentorship Programme aims to reduce the stress of this process for students. Throughout the mentorship period, students will receive guidance on all parts of the college application process. We will start by helping students pick a degree and course based on their interests and strengths, then to find colleges in India and abroad which offer the desired course. Mentors will also help students understand the admissions process for different colleges and how to submit a strong application, including standardised tests, transcripts and statements of purpose. Students can also seek guidance about which majors to apply for, how to select colleges, and which careers to think about.

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