ASSET Talent Search is an invite only talent identification programme created specifically for students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance. To be eligible to participate, students must be top performers in grade-level tests.

To Participate in ASSET Talent Search

Students must belong to grades V-VIII (As on 25th November, 2017).

ASSET Taking Schools

Students scoring in the 90th percentile in the latest ASSET Test, in English, Maths or Science.

Schools Not Taking ASSET

Students must be nominated by their educators as top performers in either one of the three core subjects -English, Maths or Science and Students qualified from Mindspark and Detailed Assessment.


In addition to understanding the depths of one's talent, ASSET Talent Search serves as a platform where academically gifted students can come into their own and hone their inherent potential. The realization and validation of being academically talented goes a long way in moulding such students into accomplished individuals.

participation benefits



Academically talented students are usually top performers in grade-level tests. These tests however, do not help in understanding their abilities and how far they extend. ASSET Talent Search addresses this problem and helps accurately determine their academic talent, thereby helping them realize their true potential. With ASSET Talent Search, students can gauge the limits of their capabilities and understand the kind of educational challenges they can undertake.



The programme celebrates academic talent and acknowledges students with certificates and medals based on their performance.

Awards and Certificates

participation certificate

All participating students receive a certificate acknowledging their participation.

ASSET Talent Scholar

Students scoring 95 percentile and above in any one subject are declared as ASSET Talent Scholars and receive special scholar certificates.

ASSET Talent Scholar Gold

Students who score the highest in the ASSET Talent Search Test become the ASSET Talent Scholar Gold and receive special certificates and medals. Additionally, ASSET will also feature them in the ASSET Talent Search documentary film.

ASSET Summer Programme


ASSET Summer Programme is a 21-day academic and social enrichment programme created to bring like-minded individuals in a space where their inherent skills can flourish. Students of class VII and VIII who have performed exceptionally well in the ASSET Talent Search Test, will be invited to participate.

During Summer Programme, Students:

Experience a high-octane learning environment with 38 hours of class time each week
Cultivate teamwork and leadership through engaging activities
Are mentored by renowned expert instructors
Forge life-long friendships with like minded peers

In the programme, students get the opportunity to pursue deep and exciting learning through courses designed to expose them to cutting edge disciplinary and professional practices. Expert instructors will train them in the essence and methods of a discipline by getting them to work with their hands and minds and connect them to real-life applications. ASSET Summer Programme engages students via stimulating academic and social enrichment activities to cultivate teamwork and leadership traits. Participating in the programme will also help students to prepare for higher education as they get a glimpse of what they can expect in high quality undergraduate education in the world's best universities.