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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the class size for the programme?

Per course there will be 20 students.

Will there be field trips as part of course curriculum?

Field trips will be conducted keeping all the COVID protocols in mind. In extreme case there may not be any field visit.

Is laundry service available and is it chargeable?

Laundry service is available. The laundry charges are included in the fees paid.

Is the ASP certificate recognized by other universities?

ASP certificates can be used as a part of the transcript while applying for admission in foreign universities.

If the child has already understood the concepts of ASP courses through ADLP programme Why he/she should participate in ASP?

It is individual's choice, but ASP course are unique learning opportunities that helps students to dive deeper and explore the topics at a different level. It helps to build the emotional. The ASSET Summer Programme is designed to provide your child with the best academic exposure while maintaining a healthy balance of extra-curricular activities.

After ASP how can I check that my child’s giftedness is been nurtured properly or not?

Gifted children are unique and this is a continuous process, and keeps changing, emerging at various ages based on need/ growth/ social emotional learning and so on.

How are courses designed for ASP?

Courses are designed around core values and life skills like develpoing ::

  • Leadership skills
  • Empathy
  • Problem solving ability
  • Problem defining ability

The attempt of the academic team is to help students understand that knowing the correct answer is not important, and true knowledge lies in understanding the process of getting to the correct answer. All instructors stress on process-based learning rather than content-based learning.

Can I interact with instructors or past participant’s parents?

Yes! We will be happy to introduce you to parents of past participants. Due to privacy concerns we cannot provide you this information directly, please get in touch with our team and they will be happy to assist you with this.

What about safety and security of my child?

Safety and security is extremely important to us. It is our top priority and we ensure that:

  • Students are under adult-supervision at all times. They are either with their Teaching Assistants in the classroom or with their Resident Coaches outside the classroom. The Resident Coaches are same-gender as the student and they stay with students in the residence.
  • All buildings have 24X7 security and the campus is extremely safe with all exit points manned at all times.
  • We identify and connect with the nearest hospital(s). Their staff is instructed and aware about the summer programme, so they will be ready for any emergency. There is also an ambulance service if required. There is a doctor-on-call available throughout the day at the hospital who is dedicated to only the ASSET Summer Programme.
  • Detailed medical history forms are collected from students and we ensure all their medical needs are properly taken care of for e.g. any allergies, regular medication, ongoing health condition etc.

Who teaches at ASP? How large are the classes?

We have subject experts with in-depth knowledge and understanding of each course being offered. All these experts are also experienced teachers. See the instructor profiles on our website for more information. Each course has between 8 and 20 students. This ensures individual attention is given to every student and also gives enough opportunity for each student to share their opinions during classroom discussions.

What benefits will my child have from this program?/ How are these courses helpful?

The ASSET Summer Programme is designed to provide your child with the best academic exposure while maintaining a healthy balance of extra-curricular activities. Don’t believe all this is possible in 21 days? Listen to experiences from past participants and parents!
Benefits of the programme include:

  • Personal and academic development
  • Personalised attention in the classroom due to small class sizes
  • Peer-learning and networking among like-minded students (who are also gifted)
  • Social development in terms of dealing with day-to-day issues
  • Development of a growth mindset (a realisation that challenges still exist in learning and understanding but with perseverance they can be overcome)

What if my child is not able to adjust to the pace of teaching or with the instructor or peers?

Even though there are common exercises/activities during the course, the learning of each student is independent of each other. We maintain a healthy student to teacher ratio so each student learns at his/her pace. Our instructors are trained and have experience dealing with students so they are well-equipped to handle peer issues.

What facilities will be provided in the programme?

Residential arrangements -

  • Gender-separated rooms.
  • Student rooms interspersed with resident coach rooms, so all students will be supervised at all times
  • The hostel block is dedicated to the ASSET Summer Programme staff and students and no person without the authority allowed into the building

Students have access to laundry facilities at free of cost.

Food arrangements -

  • Well-balanced meals which include fresh fruits, vegetables, and more served for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available at every meal
  • Special provision for students with dietary needs (such as severe allergies) etc.