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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify students as “Gifted“ ?

Only students who have shown academic excellence in either English, Mathematics or Science are invited to participate in the ATS test. Then these students are assessed on topics that are higher than their current grade level. By raising the bar of benchmarking by assessing the brightest students against a more challenging assessment we are able to identify them as gifted.

While the ATS scores provide students eligibility to our programmes, they are also recognised by some of the leading universities such as Northwestern, UC Berkeley, Purdue etc. along with Gifted Education programmes like Summer Institute For The Gifted (SIG), Renzulli Creativity Program and others. You can read more about the various programmes by visiting the individual programme pages on our website.

What kind of questions are asked on the ATS test?

The test contains questions that requires students to apply their conceptual understanding. No question will ask students to memorise formulas or facts. The questions are all multiple choice - each having four options and one correct answer. You can view sample questions by registering on our

Why is it compulsory to write all three subjects?

Irrespective of whether students perform poorly in any one or more subjects in their school or ASSET test, they are invited to write all three in the ASSET Talent Search test because it allows more opportunities for them to discover their hidden potential. Since the questions on the ATS test are conceptual in nature, it is possible that students perform better in a subject they were previously poor in.

How can my child prepare for the ATS test?

The ASSET Talent Search test is an application based test and assesses a student’s grasp on academic concepts. It tests what a student has really understood and does not test their memory or recall of facts, so studying 1 or 2 days before the test will not help them to get better scores. There is no need to prepare for the test, but students are encouraged to view sample questions at Students can also practise online tests at

What is the ASSET PAN? And where can I get it?

The ASSET PAN is a unique 9-digit identification number that is given to all students who appear for ASSET, and also to students who qualify for ASSET Talent Search. This number is required to register for all our programmes.

It can be found on your child’s ASSET MyBook, and the invitation envelope you received from your child’s school. You can write to us at if you require any assistance regarding ASSET PAN.

Who can participate in the ASSET Talent Search test?

Grades : 5,6,7,8

  • Students who score 85 percentile and above in any one subject – English, Maths or Science of ASSET Test

  • Students ranked in the top 5 of their class

  • Students who have been recognised as top performer of the Detailed Assessment test in their school*

  • Students who have been recognised as the top performer of the Mindspark Math in their school*

  • Top performing students in Homi Bhabha Science/ Math Olympiads

  • Top performing students in Olympiad(SOF) exam

  • Students who have achieved national or international academic recognition

What recognition do students get after taking the test?

Based on their percentile score, the students scoring between 95-99 percentile are recognised as ASSET Talent Search Gold Scholar, the students scoring between 90-94 percentile are recognised as ASSET Talent Search Silver Scholar, the students scoring between 85-89 percentile are recognised as ASSET Talent Search Bronze Scholars. These students are awarded special medals, certificate of participation, scholarships and early bird registration concession to participate in exclusive programmes for gifted students offered by ASSET.

All students are awarded certificate of participation.

Why did my child score so low on the ATS test despite doing well on other exams?

The ASSET Talent Search test is an above level test - which means the topics being assessed may not be familiar to the student. It is far more challenging than any school or competitive exams they may have given, which only test topics the student is familiar and comfortable with.

Please note that a low score in the ATS test does not mean a student is weak in that subject in general. The score is below average because the level of the exam is extremely high.

When will the results be announced? When will I receive certificates and medals?

Students who register individually will receive an email on their registered email address when the results are announced. It typically takes anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks for the results to be available online. You may view them by logging in to your ATS account on our website.

Students who have registered through their school cannot view their result online and must check with their school authorities for it.

The certificates and medals are shipped directly to their school for all students and reach anywhere between 4-6 weeks after the results have been announced.

Why don’t I get a detailed report after the ATS test?

The purpose of the ASSET Talent Search is to assess and identify students. If a student wishes to receive a detailed report of their performance in any particular academic subject they should write the ASSET test. The objective of the ASSET test is to provide insights to parents and teachers about a student’s grasp over academic concepts and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.