Know what is ASSET Talent Search in a minute.

How it all started?

Inception of ASSET Talent Search

After conducting assessments for over 11 years, working with numerous schools, educators and students we identified that there were many students who showed qualities of being academically gifted.

However, there weren't many identification programmes that could accurately and precisely evaluate the extent of a student’s academic ability. Hence, ASSET Talent Search was born!

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Our partners in gifted education

To share knowledge and expertise we partnered with other leaders in gifted education who have been offering learning opportunities to gifted students for many years.

Our partners recognise the ATS test score and accept students to their programmes based on it.

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Here's how we become contributors in your child's academic success

400,000+ students participate in the ASSET, Detailed Assessment or Mindspark programmes

  • out of which only the top students are invited to participate in ASSET Talent Search based on their performance

Out of this select group of eligible students - the most academically advanced scholars appear for the ASSET Talent Search test

Based on their test score students get access to a multitude of opportunities like:

  • Students performing in the top 15% get access to scholarships of up to 25% to participate in ASSET programmes for gifted students!
  • Students performing in the top 20% get access to ASSET residential and day scholar programmes designed for gifted students!
  • Students performing in the top 10-15% get access to exclusive academic programmes conducted by prestigious universities in the U.S.!

All participants get access to the ASSET Mentorship Programme, which helps students plan their careers and fulfil their academic dreams!

Participating in these programmes helps students take a deep dive into their academic passions, meet like-minded peers, and build an impressive college portfolio. It demonstrates to college admission officials that these students can deal with pressure, are highly motivated, and not afraid to learn from mistakes.


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