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ASSET programmes for gifted

Summer Programme

Residential summer programme in Manipal, India

Bengaluru’s Most Gifted

Non-residential day programme in Bengaluru

Delhi-NCR’s Most Gifted

Non-residential day programme in New Delhi

Mentorship Programme

Online programme to guide gifted students in pursuing higher education

Young Scholars Programme

Residential and Non-Residential programmes in Dubai, UAE.


Partner programmes for gifted

Northwestern’s Centre For Talent Development (CTD) - Residential Summer Programme

Encourages gifted students to explore academic areas of interest

Renzulli Creativity Programs by LPI Learning

3-week summer programme offered at Yale University and UCLA

Summer Program at UC Berkeley

Residential program managed by CFM, the Global Program partner of Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) of University of California Berkeley

Summer Institute For The Gifted (SIG)

Programmes offered at prestigious colleges and universities including Princeton University, Yale University, and UC Berkeley

Purdue University’s GERI STAR Program

Programme offered by The Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) at Purdue

Our admissions team is ready to walk you through choosing the most suitable gifted programme.

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