ASSET Talent Search FAQ's

01. What is ASSET?

ASSET Stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. It is Asia’s largest skill-based diagnostic and benchmarking test. Rather than testing rote learning, it uses multiple-choice questions to focus on measuring how well SKILLS and CONCEPTS underlying the syllabus have been understood by the student. The test provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and an entire class. It also helps place the student, the class and the school in comparison to their peers at a national and international level.

02. What is ASSET Talent Search?

ASSET Talent Search is a test designed to identify academically gifted students.

03. Who can enroll for ASSET Talent Search?

Students scoring in the 90th percentile and above in ASSET qualify for the ASSET Talent Search test.

04. For which grades ASSET Talent Search test is available?

The ASSET Talent Search test is available for Grades V, VI, VII and VIII.

05. What kind of preparation does the child require before taking ASSET Talent Search test?

The ASSET Talent Search does not require pre-preparation.
It is a test of conceptual understanding and the ability to apply it in real life. If students have understood the underlying concept, then using it, they will be able to answer the test questions correctly. Interested students can try a sample of the types of questions by registering for the ASSET Question-a-Day (AQAD) on

06. What is the duration of the ASSET Talent Search test?

The duration of ASSET Talent Search test is 70 minutes per paper.

07. How many times in a year and where is the ASSET Talent Search test conducted?

The ASSET Talent Search test is conducted once a year at respective ASSET Talent Search test centres that are declared yearly.

08. What is the syllabus for ASSET Talent Search test?

There is no prescribed syllabus for ASSET Talent Search. It is an above level test, and will focus on concepts expected at classes higher than the current class level of students.

09. If my child's school is not offering ASSET, can my child take ASSET Talent Search test in any way?

Yes. If the ASSET test is not being offered in your school, your child can be nominated for the ASSET Talent Search test by his/her school based on outstanding performance in the school tests. Download the form here.

10. What is the fee for ASSET Talent Search test?

The fee for ASSET Talent Search test for Indian students is INR 1800/- and students participating from UAE have to pay fee of AED 250. The fee is non-refundable.

11. How do we pay fees for ASSET Talent Search test?

The fee for ASSET Talent Search test can be paid by online (credit card, master or visa card and net banking).

12. Is ASSET Talent Search test conducted in my child's school where he/she is studying?

No, the ASSET Talent Search test is conducted at specific test centres across India, and Dubai.

13. How do I register my child for ASSET Talent Search test?

a. The registration for ASSET Talent Search test is simple. Children who have qualified through ASSET, Midspark, Detailed Assessment or have been nominated by the school, can register online for ASSET Talent Search test by visiting

b. You can also register via your school if the school is registering interested students.

14. What is the registration deadline for ASSET Talent Search test?

Interested UAE students can register for ASSET Talent Search Test by 31st March 2017 ( to avail the special concession for early birdie registration) and latest by 10th April 2018. However, we encourage you to register as soon as possible in order to get your desired test centre.

15. What are the benefits of taking ASSET Talent Search test?

a. Self-realization
Though academically gifted students are usually top performers in grade level tests, these do not provide a true understanding of their true abilities. ASSET Talent Search test is designed to help determine their complete academic talent. With ASSET Talent Search, students can test the limits of their capabilities and assess the educational challenges they can undertake.

b. Recognition
The programme celebrates academic talent and acknowledges students with certificates and medals based on their performance. Participation Certificate - All participating students receive a certificate for participation in ASSET Talent Search
ASSET Talent Scholar - Students scoring in the 95th percentile or above, in any one of the subjects are recognized as ASSET Talent Search Scholars and receive a special certificate and a medal.
ASSET Talent Scholar Gold - Students scoring in the 99th percentile or above in any one subject are recognized as ASSET Talent Search Scholars Gold and receive a special ASSET Talent Search Scholar Gold certificate and a medal.

c. ASSET Summer Programme
ASSET Summer Programme is a 21-day academic and social enrichment residential programme. Students of Grade VII and VIII who have performed exceptionally well in the ASSET Talent Search tests are invited to participate.

d. International Opportunities
ASSET Talent Search partners with international universities to offer academic and social enrichment programme in the USA. Students who perform exceptionally well in ASSET Talent Search test are invited to participate to these programms.

16. What types of questions are asked in ASSET Talent Search test?

All questions are multiple-choice questions, testing conceptual understanding - the questions do not focus on recall of facts.

17. What are the subjects in ASSET Talent Search test? Can my child appear for only one or two of these subjects?

The test is conducted for 3 subjects - English, Maths and Science. It is compulsory for all participants to sit for all the 3 tests.

18. What happens after the ASSET Talent Search test?

The ASSET Talent Search test is the qualifying test for the next round in ASSET Talent Search. Test results are declared in the month of January, and based on the scores, the student can qualify to register for ASSET Summer Programme in India, and other international programmes and online courses offered by partnered universities in USA.

19. How is ASSET Talent Search test different from ASSET test that student takes in school?

The ASSET test taken in schools is based on concepts that students are expected according to the class level in which they currently are.

ASSET Talent Search test is an advanced level test which will challenge students via questions that are 2 grade levels above their current grade.

20. What are the qualifying criteria for the ASSET Summer Programme and other programmes offered?

Please click on Qualifying Criteria for each programme, grade wise.

21. How and from where can we get the Hall Ticket?

The Hall Ticket for ASSET Talent Search test will be available for download on the website a week prior to the test date. We will notify you when it is available, via mail and text messages.

22. When are the ASSET Talent Search test results declared?

The results of UAE students are declared within 30 days of the Test, while Indian Students get results within 60 days of the test!

23. How to check ASSET Talent Search test results online?

The ASSET Talent Search test results will be available online on the website as per scheduled dates. The link and the process of checking the results online will be sent on the email ID registered with us at the time of registration.

24. Does ASSET Talent Search or Educational Initiatives provide any kind of scholarship to students appearing in ASSET Talent Search?

No. Neither ASSET Talent Search nor Educational Initiatives will provide any kind of scholarships to participants.

25. What is ASSET Pan Number? How one can get ASSET Pan Number if the school is not conducting ASSET exam?

ASSET Pan Number is a Unique Reference Number given to students taking ASSET exam in school. If one does not have ASSET Pan Number and if the school is not taking ASSET exam, the participant will have to submit an individual nomination form authorized by the school. On submission of the individual nomination form, the ASSET Pan Number will be allotted to the student applying for the ASSET Talent Search test. Mindspark and Detailed Assessment qualifiers will also be issued an ASSET PAN Number before the test.