ATS test for 2021 is cancelled

Every year, the ASSET Talent Search (ATS) is held, and it is a prestigious and aspirational event for our middle school ASSET achievers. ATS has served as a springboard to Educational Initiatives' equally prestigious and aspirational Gifted Programmes, which are held in the summer for students in India (ASSET Summer Programme) and in the winter for students in the UAE (UAE's Young Scholars Programme). Additionally, from the beginning, we collaborated with other Gifted Education leaders in the United States, who have been providing learning opportunities to gifted students for many years. Our partners, including the Northwestern Center for Talent Development, Purdue's Gifted Education Resource Institute, and the Renzulli Creativity Program, recognise the ATS test score and accept students based on it.

During these unprecedented times, millions of people worldwide have been infected by Covid-19, which has also impacted their work. Children have been adversely affected. We at Educational Initiatives have been keeping an eye on the process of reaching out to our students with various learning modules.
Things looked promising a few weeks ago, but the current situation has caused us to re-evaluate the situation through a different lens.

Given the nature of the difficult situation, we as an organisation have reflected and decided to take a gap year for GEC offerings. This is consistent with safety standards, as we will be unable to provide face-to-face and safe programmes to our stakeholders.

By taking a gap year, we mean taking a year off from all activities related to identifying and nurturing academically talented students in India and the UAE.
Since the ATS exams serve as a gateway to these prestigious programmes, and we are unable to conduct the Gifted Programmes this year, we have decided to reschedule the ASSET Talent Search dates to the following year, closer to when the EI's Gifted Programmes are more feasible.

As a result, the ATS for 2021 is cancelled and the corresponding Gifted Programmes for 2022 have been postponed.

ASSET will continue to operate as usual.

In any case, students' eligibility is valid for two years based on their ASSET scores. As a result, students who qualified for the test this year and who are in grade 6, 7 & 8 are eligible to take the ATS test the following year.

In these trying times, we are grateful for the help of our students, parents, and partners.

We hope that the current pandemic situation improves in the coming months and we all come out strongly out of it. Until then stay safe!

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