ASSET Talent Search Test

The ASSET Talent Search is an advanced test that challenges students to apply their learning and thinking through stimulating, non-standard test questions. The test helps identify gifted students with the potential to undertake topics beyond their grade level. For parents who feel their children are academically gifted, the ATS Test is a starting point that validates the child's potential and helps in planning an academic future according to his/her abilities.

Test Details

The format of the test is as following:

ASSET Talent Search Test includes questions that require a level of thinking that is two grades above the participating student's current grade. For e.g., a grade VII student will be attempting questions that require grade IX level of thinking.
The test consists of skill-based multiple choice questions.

It's a computer-based test!
It is a no preparation test, as preparing for it would be counter-productive.
Post the test, students receive score cards and participation certificates. ASSET Talent Scholars also receive special certificates and medals.

The ASSET Talent Search Test assesses students in 3 core subjects.

  • English 70 questions
  • Maths 40 questions
  • Science 45 questions

The duration of the test is 70 minutes per paper.

*Note: The above-mentioned duration represents only the actual testing time and does not include time for check-in process, instructions from test administrators, breaks between test sections and questions from students.


ASSET Question-A-Day (AQAD) is a set of challenging questions that focus on testing students on their knowledge of concepts on a daily basis. The AQAD questions are picked from the ASSET database and are similar to those asked in the ASSET Talent Search Test.