UAE's Young Scholars Programme


UAE’s Young Scholars Residential Programme brings together academically talented students from across UAE for a challenging 2-week residential academic experience.

Students not only enrich themselves in terms of academic exposure to new topics but also learn through extra curricular activities like dance, sports, improv, dramatics, art and crafts.

Take a peek at last year’s programme held for UAE’s brightest!

UAE’s Young Scholars Programme will be held at GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai from 15th December 2019 to 31st December 2019.

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Note: There will be no classes on 20th December, 25th December and 27th December.

Residential facility will be at suitable premises near the school.

Showing courses eligible for classes:

Selection of courses limited to 1 eligible course per student

course 1

Steer Your Own Boat

Class: 6 - 7 residential Not Eligible Not Qualified

This course is one of the most popular courses we offer. And rightly so as it is about finding the leader in you! The theme of this course is the individual self and sessions include: self-esteem and loving oneself, vulnerability, communication, and stress and time management. Students will learn to self-reflect and communicate in an assertive manner. The course is in sync with 21st-century learning goals and what students should learn to be better equipped for their future.

Instructor: Uma Oza

With over two decades of experience, Uma has lead process work, pedagogy, leadership and soft skills workshops in top schools. She co-founded Kaleidoscope - an organisation committed to changing the way learning is perceived and experienced by children and adults.

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Instructor: Pedagogical Expert

A maker, innovator and educator at heart, the instructor brings with him years of professional experience in open-source technology and designing novel approaches to problem-solving for a wide range of industries

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course 2

Discover Internet of Things

Class : 6 - 7 residential Not Eligible Not Qualified

This course will be offered to UAE's brightest for the 2nd time in a row! The objective of the course is to create the right conditions for students to explore the Maker within them.
This course will expose students to:
1. The emerging world of the Internet of Things (IoT).
2. Ideating, building and deploying working prototypes on the Raspberry Pi for real-world applications
3. Developing algorithms in Python.

course 3

World Politics and Conflict Management

Class: 6 - 7 residential Not Eligible Not Qualified

Every news cycle brings with it news of human rights missions, negotiations and peace efforts, and often war and conflict. Why do these conflicts occur? What role do individuals, politicians and the common man play in their occurrence, and what role can we play in their resolution? The focus of the course would be to help students understand the art of communication and negotiation to resolve conflicts for creating a peaceful world!

Instructor: Shashank Shukla

Shashank served India as a soldier, and when a service injury denied him further service, he continued his duty by fighting educational inequity in India as a teacher in low-income classrooms and then as a social educational entrepreneur. He actively works to strengthen grassroots politics in India.

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Residential Facilities

Gender-seperated air conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms on a twin sharing basis
Student rooms interspersed with resident coach rooms, so all students will be supervised at all times.
Access to laundry facilities by paying an additional fee
Well balanced meals which include fresh fruits, vegetables and more served to breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner
Vegetarian and non vegetarian options available at every meal
Special provision for students with dietary meals (such as severe allergies) etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This programme exposes students to the ideal classroom experience where students are in charge of their own learning. It is structured such that the instructor only develops a general lesson plan, but students determine the pace of teaching and the projects they are interested to work on.

It not only aims to develop curiosity in students by allowing them to explore their academic passions through performing experiments, participating in discussions, and learning from their peers; but also demonstrates to college admission officials that they can deal with pressure, are highly motivated and not afraid to learn from mistakes!

Safety and security is extremely important to us. It is our top priority and we ensure that:

  • Students are under adult-supervision at all times. They are either with their Teaching Assistants in the classroom or with the support staff outside the classroom.
  • All buildings have 24X7 security and the campus is extremely safe with all exit points manned at all times.
  • We identify and connect with the nearest hospital(s). Their staff is instructed and aware about the programme, so they will be ready for any emergency. There is also an ambulance service if required.
  • Detailed medical history forms are collected from students and we ensure all their medical needs are properly taken care of for e.g. any allergies, regular medication, ongoing health condition etc.

Personal and academic development that lasts for a lifetime

  • Personalised attention in the classroom
  • Peer-learning and networking among like-minded students who are also gifted
  • Social development in terms of dealing with day-to-day issues
  • Development of a growth mindset (a realisation that challenges still exist in learning and understanding but with perseverance they can be overcome)

Even though there are common exercises/activities during the course, the learning of each student is independent of each other. We maintain a healthy student to teacher ratio so each student learns at his/her pace. Our instructors are trained and have experience dealing with students so they are well-equipped to handle peer issues.

Residential arrangements - Gender-separated air-conditioned rooms with attached bathroom on a twin sharing basis Student rooms interspersed with resident coach rooms, so all students will be supervised at all times The hostel block is dedicated to the ASSET Summer Programme staff and students and no person without the authority allowed into the building Students have access to laundry facilities by paying an additional fee
Food arrangements - Well-balanced meals which include fresh fruits, vegetables, and more served for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available at every meal Special provision for students with dietary needs (such as severe allergies) etc.