ASSET Summer Programme is a 21-day residential academic and social enrichment programme designed to give India's top academic talent a platform to explore the extent of their potential.

The programme exposes academically gifted children to an enriching learning environment that helps them gauge their level of competence while gaining deeper understanding of their academic interests.

ASSET Summer Programme Dates

  • Session Details

    January, 2018

We encourage you to apply quickly as seats will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis. Students will start getting placed into courses 20th of January onwards.

ASSET Summer Programme

  • Is a 21-day residential academic enrichment programme for academically advanced students

  • Provides an environment conducive to new challenges

  • Encourages hands-on learning

  • Introduces students to high-quality undergraduate learning

Discovering Talent. Shaping Futures.

See the video to know why ASSET Summer Programme is India’s premier talent enhancement programme.


Photo of Jerry Burkhart

Rajesh Panchanathan
Instructor - Think Like a scientist

The primary objective of this course is to go beyond the school curriculum and try bring the whole scientific method to Life. This augments what children already learn as a part of their regular curriculum.

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Utpal Chattopadhaya
Instructor - Evolution of Scientific thought

Children have developed a more robust view of science in addition to learning few paradigms. This I believe will stay with them for a long time and hope they will grow up to appreciate the beauty of science." As said by Bertrand Russell, "All the conditions of happiness are realised in the life of the man of science.

Photo of Jerry Burkhart

Jayshree Subramanian
Instructor - Mathematical ways of knowing

The purpose of this course was to help understand the processes to create Mathematics. Children had the experience to see different worlds in Mathematics and even come up with their own theorems which gave them a sense of achievement.

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Ramjee Swaminathan
Instructor - Essence of Engineering

The current education system has constraints on children learning with hands-on. ASSET summer programme is a good medium for a child to learn by making things which he normally would not do otherwise.

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Radha Gopalan
Instructor - New thinking for a New World

The key takeaways for children were the ability to think critically, the ability to analyse, get to the root of the problem, understand the causes and how then they can collaboratively work and build their actions around it.