ASSET Summer Programme is a 21-day residential academic and social enrichment programme designed to give India's top academic talent a platform to explore the extent of their potential.

The programme exposes academically gifted children to an enriching learning environment that helps them gauge their level of competence while gaining deeper understanding of their academic interests.

ASSET Summer Programme Dates

  • Session Details

    7th to 27th May, 2017

We encourage you to apply quickly as seats will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis. Students will start getting placed into courses 20th of January onwards.

ASSET Summer Programme

  • Is a 21-day residential academic enrichment programme for academically advanced students

  • Provides an environment conducive to new challenges

  • Encourages hands-on learning

  • Introduces students to high-quality undergraduate learning

Discovering Talent. Shaping Futures.

See the video to know why ASSET Summer Programme is India’s premier talent enhancement programme.


Photo of Jerry Burkhart

Samhitha Satishchandra
Student at ASP 2016

“It's been great, I loved every single moment if it! And I mean every single moment, right from waking up, being with my roommates, talking, laughing, going to class and learning new things every minute of the class. I loved every single part of it.

Photo of Jerry Burkhart

Soundaryalahiri Murari
Student at ASP 2016

“I think it's been even better than what I thought it would be because I've learnt so much about history, economics and politics, all three of them at the same time. I've always loved history and now when I get to learn World War I, World War II and the Cold War and everything - it's been absolutely amazing. And especially the way the instructors teach you - they make history sound so interesting. And it's different from school because in school when you learn history, you just basically learn the facts, dates and the numbers. But when you actually learn it here - they tell you the reasons behind why the leaders made those decisions and why the countries decided to go to war and everything. Getting into the head of politicians and why they make their decisions. It was awesome! Seriously amazing!

Photo of Jerry Burkhart

Jerry Burkhart
Instructor at ASP 2016

They are wonderfully enthusiastic, they are inquisitive, and they are hardworking. Their questions are always keeping me on my toes. And, I think more than anything, I’ve just been amazed by their…maybe I should say intensity. Just because the level of curiosity is so extreme. They are not here just to impress people or to make grades or anything. They just so badly want to learn and understand these things. And it’s been very very exciting to work with them.

Photo of Prof MK Matthew

Prof MK Mathew
Guest Faculty at ASP 2016
National Centre for Biological Sciences

I was actually quite amazed at the extent, to which they were able to follow, because I was trying to pitch what I was saying maybe, just a tad beyond their comfort level. And that was not all that different from the comfort level of undergraduate students elsewhere. Prof MK Mathew, Guest Faculty, National Centre for Biological Sciences