Brief Description

Established in 1868, UC Berkeley is the oldest and most renowned campus in the University of California system, and is frequently ranked as the top public university in the world. UC Berkeley counts over 72 Nobel Prizes awarded to its faculty, alumni and researchers. Located in the broader Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, UC Berkeley represents diverse cultures and major global intellect and is also a focus of VC funding. It is the school of choice for bright scholars and international students.

Administrated by the Graduate School of Education since 1982, ATDP of UC Berkeley offers challenging summer classes to motivated young scholars of Grade 7 to 10, middle to high school students, and functions as a college preparation program. ATDP is officially integrated in the University of California online college application platform, and students' attending records are recognized as their additional academic history. ATDP embraces social development as a complement to traditional academic learning by incorporating community service and outreach project in its Global Program in order to inculcate global awareness and environmental consciousness in students.

Secondary Division and Elementary Division of ATDP are the local commuting programs without residential support, while Global Program is the residential program wrapped around the Secondary Division curriculum with community service, outreach project, college counseling, enrichment programs, weekday/weekend activities, and all necessary residential services. Global Program is offered by ATDP's residential partner, CFM Educational Services.

Please note that the ASSET Talent Search team is not directly involved with the admission process for this program. You must contact for any queries.