Courses & Activities

The program curriculum consists five academic tracks to choose from. Students apply for admission to only one of the tracks and need to take the one or both courses associated with the admitted track throughout the program:

  1. Architecture : Architecture Design
  2. Business :
    1. Business, Finance, and US Economy
    2. The Practice of Law
  3. Engineering : Introduction to Programming: Solving Problem with Python
  4. Science :
    1. Advanced Biotechnology
    2. Advanced Chemistry
  5. Social Studies :
    1. American Culture and Society
    2. Social Psychology

Social Development is an essential part of ATDP Global Program and normally arranged in the weekday afternoons, which includes two components:

  • Community service : Each student is assigned to volunteer at one of the usually four to six non-profit organizations around the city of Berkeley.
  • Outreach project: Each student is assigned to work on counselor-led Fundraising initiatives or one of many Environmental Research projects.

Of course, students will have a lot of fun participating in a wide variety of events, activities and excursions in the evenings and weekends to experience the charming California outdoors, sunshine, as well as college living in Berkeley:

  • Counselor-guided study
  • College counseling and College Application Workshop
  • Outreach Project Showcase
  • Silicon Valley tech company visit
  • ATDP Prom
  • ATDP Talent Show
  • Whitewater River Rafting
  • Symphony, concert, musical, or performing arts
  • Six Flag Discovery Kingdom
  • San Francisco city tour
  • Santa Cruz Boardwalk, beach, and fisherman's wharf
  • Berkeley marina, gardens, hiking, night walk, shopping, etc.