UC Berkeley-ATDP

UC Berkeley, established in 1868, is the oldest and most renowned campus in the University of California system. It is frequently ranked as the top public university in the world, with 72 Nobel Prizes awarded to its faculty, alumni and researchers to date. Situated in the broader Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, UC Berkeley is not only rich with diverse culture and global intellect, but has also become a hotbed of VC funding and a popular destination for bright scholars and international students.

ATDP of UC Berkeley, administrated by the Graduate School of Education, offers challenging summer classes to the highly motivated young scholars and serves as a college preparation program for Grade 7 to 12 high school students. ATDP is officially integrated into the UC online college application platform and students' attending records are recognized as their additional academic history. In tandem with Berkeley's educational mission, ATDP embraces social development as a complement to traditional academic learning by incorporating community service and outreach project in its Global Programs, which aims to imbue global awareness and environmental consciousness in the students.

ATDP Global Programs is a 4-week intensive summer academy that is also packed with fun weekend activities and an atmosphere of camaraderie created by Berkeley's talented and versatile college students as both residential and academic counselors.

Student alumni have expressed a strong sense of accomplishment and attachment to Berkeley. Upon their children's return home, parents have also observed them becoming more independent and self-driven with a clearer academic direction.

Berkeley can be your dream school! ATDP is your life-changing experience!

Program Details:

Duration: July 8th to August 5th (4 weeks)
Start Dates: January 16th


Grades: The raising 7th to the raising 12th in Summer 2017
ASSET Talent Search Score :
(In any one subject)
  • 80th percentile – Qualified with Priority Acceptance - Waiver of requirements for School Transcript and Teacher Recommendation
    - Automatic high marks on Academic Performance, Reading Comprehension and Teacher Recommendation in the admission evaluation based on the percentile
  • 50th - 80th Provisionally Qualified* with Regular Evaluation
    - ASSET Talent Search Percentile scores
    - Standard application requirements and evaluation criteria

Application Steps:

For any query regarding the program or the process, please direct your emails to BerkeleySummer@cfmedu.com